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Amanda [userpic]

"If you sweeped, is it called 'swooped'?"

October 9th, 2005 (07:16 am)

current mood: artistic
current song: "Bohemian Rhapsody"--Queen

Stupid people work with me...that same girl also asked what Epileptic meant. ^^ She's weird.

Um yeah...news...letsseeee....didn't go to Improv show because meh... I went home and zenned out instead. But not really. And then yesterday I worked 8 hours...and Sarah came in to see me! YAY! We talked for awhile, cause we were really slow....and yup, good times! I work today at 11.30...I don't want to, cause this is a rare Saturday when my manager is there...but I donno when she comes in...hopefully late. I like my manager...but...I donno.

Got my grades! 2 A's, 2 B's, 2 C's. YAY! I'm not so happy about the C in Bio, I hope hope hope I can get that higher. But Tucker said a C in Mehlbach is normal. ::blinks:: She said it gets better. Supposedly. Bwaha, she didn't even seem mad that I hadn't been turning in progress reports for the last month and a half. SWEET. So technically I have a 3.0 nonweighted and a 4.0 weighted. Blargh. I'm really happy I have a B in math...I haven't done this well in math class since...7th grade. Granted, math is easy, but it moves at my speed so I can understand things, and Stewart is much better of a teacher than I remember her being. Thank God. I really almost like that class now. Psych is still a joke...but I have an A. English is an A, cause duh, we had one essay, no tests, and stupid journal entries only. French is a B because I seem to bomb all my tests although I know the material. Bwah. Ca y est!

SO I went to the Oregon State meeting on Friday with Ash! OMG it sounds like such a good school....I want to go so so so bad! I can get a minimum of a $2000 scholarship from them...plus their colors are orange and black...so SWEET. Don't have to swap anything out there. Yeah. So. woot. My parents are all on board for OSU too. My first choice college is ANYWHERE out of state. I don't want to stay here. I HATE it here. Colorado is so dull. "Oooh. Skiing!" ...woopdeedoo. Denver's a joke of a city too. Oy. Anyway, yeah. OSU is my front runner, followed by Midland Lutheran, succeeded by lovely Willamette. W00t. I missed the Seattle Pacific meeting. Damn.

Anyways...yeah. Later.