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Amanda [userpic]

What's A Fucking Sigma Got To Do With Anything?

September 6th, 2005 (03:51 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: "Ghost of You"--My Chemical Romance

The video for this song is way way weird. But...I LIKE IT. It's all WWII and whatnot. Highly yay! A+


Sorry. Stupid French. We were talking about those today and I don't know why. So technically right now I should be at the drama club meeting...but I'm not. Cause I didn't want to go today. I went home early. I fell asleep on the bus! When I woke up that random kid that we stuck a note in his backpack was staring at me funny. It was weird. Stupid random kid.

What else...oh yeah. Young Rebublicans & Democrats club is like, the dumbest thing ever. It's way lame. But I'm going to keep going... CAS, CAS, CAS I say! But yeah, WAY waste of time.

Blarney. Oh well...I think I have news...no...wait...Jorge has a date! To homecoming! YAY! Bout time that Mormon got someone. Sheesh. OH YEAH! I got my homecoming dress yesterday. It rocks seriously. Katie's looks SOOO SOOO SOOO good on her too. Tres chic. Go Katie! Work yesterday sucked, though, the stupid new girl...is...stupid. Basically. GAH. I'm new, but I learned fairly quickly, I like it think.

OMG! The hottest guy EVER came in and applied yesterday. ::faint:: My manager was seriously like "I have trouble talking to him, he's so pretty..." It was hilarious. I HOPE SHE HIRES HIM. Hawt. It was the highlight of the day, really. Because we were uber busy for the rest of the day...so nothing fun happened until Katie came! wooters.

I should go do homework now. Later ppppppeeeooooppplllleeeessss