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Humming Zingers

September 20th, 2005 (08:10 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: "Aside"--Weakerthans

Wow, I haven't updated this thing...in...a long time. My birthday kicked arse, roller skating was the best thing ever, cept for minor injuries *cough* WHATEVER. It was awesome and people gave me COOLNESS stuff and I love my friends muchos.

Um, new news...I'm trying to think of when I last updated, but I can't remember what I wrote, so...yeah. Play rehearsals are okay, they're kinda boring now, considering we're only on blocking...mais...whatever. I still love it. Improv...I'm worried. Cause my team...is...random. Not good random, bad random. GAH! WORRIED.

French project was today. Did better than I thought I would...thank Godness. She marked me down for using SARCASM! WHAT THE HELL?! SARCASM! I said something like, "Go visit cathedrals, because children would be so happy to be in church during vacation" ...and she marked me down for it. Never mind that I said it correctly. Stupid....GAH! On the upside...people liked my coconut thingies? I thought they sucked, but hey, that's awesome. At least they didn't hate it. I'm SO STRESSED out about history and bio. Those are the two classes I feel REALLY lost in. Normally I could get by in history but now...that it's all reading, I DON'T GET ANYTHING FROM READING! That's partially why I hate PSYCHOLOGY so much. Stupid fucking packets. GRR!

8th hour off rocks my socks. I love it. People rock. Cept for the stupid Russian Olive fight today. That was pretty sad.