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Amanda [userpic]

Holy Hell, Look What I Found

March 15th, 2007 (05:54 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: Paralyzer--Finger Eleven


I found a journal.


Anyhoo, it's now second semsester senior year, and thank God, there's only been minimal drama. Well. Kinda. Actually, there's a lot more now. Damn.

Oh well.
College is soon. We can escape. Because I'm really starting to hate starting my days wondering who still likes me and who's starting rumors about me.

Anyways, I'll bitch later.

Amanda [userpic]


September 28th, 2006 (08:34 pm)

Gah...I can't even remember the last time I was on here...but I decided to update for shits and giggles.

::shits and giggles::
...without the shit. I promise.


We're seniors now. That seems awfully profound for it being the last year of high school. I know we're supposed to be having the time of our lives and enjoying the "bounty of life" but so far all I've experienced were a couple good laughs and a hell of a lot of shit to deal with...

Not that I'm not enjoying this year...it just seems so empty. Like no one is really living it, it's just a routine that we've been so consumed with for the past four years that everyone doesn't necessarily notice anymore.

Bah, life in a routine way is boring...I hate boring.

Hence, I guess, me and Andrew's brilliant idea of tattoos. Which I'm really really excited about...I haven't been this psyched about something in a long time. It's a good feeling.

Homecoming's coming up. As much as I 'love' the dances, I'm just kind of bored this year. I'm completely looking foreward to spirit week, because it's just going to rock like none other, especially pirate day... and spirit day should be neat, since we're seniors and kick ass and whatnot. But I could do without the parade of athletes and the stupid awards and them making all the foreign exchange kids walk in a circle with flags, for chrissake. The dance is just going to be another blur. No date, per usual. Actually...I've had a date for every homecoming cept freshman year because of...well. yeah. Ah well. Homecoming...woot...woot...

I was going to talk about something else, but I can't completely remember what I was going to say. Go me. Hence....aye....methinks I'll go do something productive.

There's my update.

Amanda [userpic]

"If you sweeped, is it called 'swooped'?"

October 9th, 2005 (07:16 am)

current mood: artistic
current song: "Bohemian Rhapsody"--Queen

Stupid people work with me...that same girl also asked what Epileptic meant. ^^ She's weird.

Um yeah...news...letsseeee....didn't go to Improv show because meh... I went home and zenned out instead. But not really. And then yesterday I worked 8 hours...and Sarah came in to see me! YAY! We talked for awhile, cause we were really slow....and yup, good times! I work today at 11.30...I don't want to, cause this is a rare Saturday when my manager is there...but I donno when she comes in...hopefully late. I like my manager...but...I donno.

Got my grades! 2 A's, 2 B's, 2 C's. YAY! I'm not so happy about the C in Bio, I hope hope hope I can get that higher. But Tucker said a C in Mehlbach is normal. ::blinks:: She said it gets better. Supposedly. Bwaha, she didn't even seem mad that I hadn't been turning in progress reports for the last month and a half. SWEET. So technically I have a 3.0 nonweighted and a 4.0 weighted. Blargh. I'm really happy I have a B in math...I haven't done this well in math class since...7th grade. Granted, math is easy, but it moves at my speed so I can understand things, and Stewart is much better of a teacher than I remember her being. Thank God. I really almost like that class now. Psych is still a joke...but I have an A. English is an A, cause duh, we had one essay, no tests, and stupid journal entries only. French is a B because I seem to bomb all my tests although I know the material. Bwah. Ca y est!

SO I went to the Oregon State meeting on Friday with Ash! OMG it sounds like such a good school....I want to go so so so bad! I can get a minimum of a $2000 scholarship from them...plus their colors are orange and black...so SWEET. Don't have to swap anything out there. Yeah. So. woot. My parents are all on board for OSU too. My first choice college is ANYWHERE out of state. I don't want to stay here. I HATE it here. Colorado is so dull. "Oooh. Skiing!" ...woopdeedoo. Denver's a joke of a city too. Oy. Anyway, yeah. OSU is my front runner, followed by Midland Lutheran, succeeded by lovely Willamette. W00t. I missed the Seattle Pacific meeting. Damn.

Anyways...yeah. Later.

Amanda [userpic]

"Normally you're funny, but today...."

October 5th, 2005 (06:23 pm)

current mood: blah
current song: "Kick Some A**"--Stroke 9

Yeah so...mini-Rachel told me that today. It was funny...irony. IRONY I SAY! And...yeah. Stuff's fun.

Hm hm hm...things to tell.

My parents leave soon. Suh-weet. Sorry, that was nerdy. Don't let me do that again.

So today during play rehearsal I got really bored and I started doodling. Before I knew it, I had the entire Act I drawn with stick figures. BAD stick figures. Which is sad, because stick figures really aren't that hard. ^^ But yeah. It was fun. Then me and sophomore/freshie Brad who is my new number TWO apostle, we did a light saber fight with our fingers. It was so fun! Bwahaha, evilness arises. However, I was NOT a dork and did not make sound effects. Booyah.

Hm Hm...what else is going on this week? Improv on Friday. Which should be fun to watch...and...college visits! WOOT. Going to Willamette tomorrow and then Oregon State on Friday. YAY! I <3 Oregon. Wooters.

OTHER NEWS....none, really. Blargh.

Amanda [userpic]

Shit Your Shorry Assh Down!

October 1st, 2005 (08:58 am)

current mood: cheerful
current song: "My Life Ain't Easy"--The Plimsouls

I haven't written in this thing in a week...but it feels like a LOT LOT LOT longer. Howy sheet.

Homecoming was fun, Matt, Ash, Mondrian, Sarah and I went to Gunther's before the dance and before the guys got there this totally TOTALLY hot waiter named Spike was hitting on us. ::sigh:: Then some other waitress called Peewee started hitting on ASHLEY! It was the funniest thing I've ever seen. The dance was fun, but not my favorite, I donno, it just seemed old. We go to the dances three (now four) times every year...and they play the same stuff. It WAS exciting, but now it's just...required. I donno, the dance music sucked. Not to mention stupid Green Day 'fans' singing along to their song...when they know nothing about the band other than 'American Idiot' and the songs on that CD...it's really annoying. I hate people who pretend to be fans and then can't deliver. STUPID rap ass kids.

Other than that, it was fun. I had a good time, overall.

Everything else is kind of quiet. NO MORE IMPROV FOR AMANDA! Cause my team sucks...There were supposed to be FIVE people in my group. For practices only FOUR or THREE showed up. So the ONE day I am not there to make up my Bio test, TWO show up, complain to Bredenberg, and she puts them in another group. That leaves me with the girl who SOMETIMES shows up and the girl who NEVER shows up to make a group. So we decide to meet yesterday morning to decide whether we could, cause, hey, the show's next week. So I show up, and the girl who NEVER shows up is there...but the other one never shows. So me and the other girl go "SCREW IT!" And there go, no more improv for Amanda.

I felt really sick yesterday after third hour so I went home...so I drove home and I sat on my couch for three hours...doing nothing. I had a massive headache so I took medicine, and then, genius me, went on my computer (cause that's not going to mess up my headache more or anything) and shopped...I love giftcards. Then my sister came home from college...she is CRANKY! Geez. Apparantly she had to go bail her friend out of Detox the other day. She sure is making good friends fast, now, isn't she?! Yargh.

I FUCKING HATE PSYCHOLOGY! It is the dumbest class ever, I don't learn anything because she doesn't SAY anything. All she does is whine about politics and how people suck because ______ and _______. The class is the sorriest excuse for anything I have ever seen in my life. And the tests? What shit. Open book, open friend, basically open teacher. What the FUCK? I hate to say it but I'm starting to despise Cheese because she isn't good at what she does. She's a nice lady, a good person, but a HORRIBLE teacher. I think the whole "Here's your assignments, turn them in soon...." thing is absolute CRAP. The only good thing about that class is that I can do my Bio homework there. AND SHE DOESN'T CARE! It's absolutely pathetic. If someone asked me a question about Erickson or Piaget right now, I'd have no answer because I'M NOT LEARNING ANYTHING. We're so fucked on that IB test.

::deep breath::

On the upside, my parents leave for OK in about two weeks! *YAY* Muchos fun.


Amanda [userpic]

Humming Zingers

September 20th, 2005 (08:10 pm)

current mood: calm
current song: "Aside"--Weakerthans

Wow, I haven't updated this thing...in...a long time. My birthday kicked arse, roller skating was the best thing ever, cept for minor injuries *cough* WHATEVER. It was awesome and people gave me COOLNESS stuff and I love my friends muchos.

Um, new news...I'm trying to think of when I last updated, but I can't remember what I wrote, so...yeah. Play rehearsals are okay, they're kinda boring now, considering we're only on blocking...mais...whatever. I still love it. Improv...I'm worried. Cause my team...is...random. Not good random, bad random. GAH! WORRIED.

French project was today. Did better than I thought I would...thank Godness. She marked me down for using SARCASM! WHAT THE HELL?! SARCASM! I said something like, "Go visit cathedrals, because children would be so happy to be in church during vacation" ...and she marked me down for it. Never mind that I said it correctly. Stupid....GAH! On the upside...people liked my coconut thingies? I thought they sucked, but hey, that's awesome. At least they didn't hate it. I'm SO STRESSED out about history and bio. Those are the two classes I feel REALLY lost in. Normally I could get by in history but now...that it's all reading, I DON'T GET ANYTHING FROM READING! That's partially why I hate PSYCHOLOGY so much. Stupid fucking packets. GRR!

8th hour off rocks my socks. I love it. People rock. Cept for the stupid Russian Olive fight today. That was pretty sad.

Amanda [userpic]

"Don't name them ________"

September 11th, 2005 (07:40 pm)

current mood: silly
current song: "Swollen Summer"--The Bravery

Today was fun.

Work was only 4 hours, and we were dead as Elvis, so there was nothing to do.

But yeah. And then I drove to Sarah's house and Ash was there and we had muchos muchos fun and then went to dinner! It was KICKARSE.

Lots o' fun, lemme tell you.

I'm really tired, and this weirdo was tailgaiting me today.

Nothing to write about. Later.

Amanda [userpic]

Vroom Vroom

September 10th, 2005 (06:37 am)

current mood: calm
current song: "My Life Ain't Easy"--The Plimsouls


I got my license! It's official! I can run people over now alone! Watch out, bwahahaa...oO. The test was so gay, and the lady who was testing me was all business.

"Hi. I'm goning to be testing you. First thing I need is to check your brake lights and turn signals."


"Do everything I tell you to. You should have enough time. Proceed."


"Turn right"

"okee dokee. ::turns right:: How long have you been doing this?"


"Get in the other lane"

::gets in left lane:: "How many of these do you do a day?"


Yeah......so that was fun. Not a talker, that one. The test was only about ten minutes long too...so woot. But WHATEVER cause I got my license. After that I went to work, with plans to drive home after at 9.30! However, I got there super late, but I called beforehand so it wasn't that big of a surprise. Anyway, I get there and we're super slow, so Melissa's just like "Go home" So I did. And I drove around for a little bit. Muchos fun, mi amigo. I am soooooooooooooooooo happy to finally have my freaking license. Wooters.

My birthday is Friday! YAY!

Aw, Tanya's going to homecoming with Dugger. YAAAAAY! They're so cute.

Today I have to go to the bank, Hobby Lobby and Target...then go to work at 3.30. It's gonna be a fun busy day.

Amanda [userpic]

"Dusty AKA Terry Jr"

September 8th, 2005 (06:26 pm)

current mood: apathetic
current song: "What Have You Been Doing Lately"--Relient K

Katie's a frikin genius when it comes to decorating text books!
Psych's gonna be much more interesting now, thankies Kt!

I hate that class. It's such a joke. You don't learn anything, you read, take maybe some notes, read, watch a movie and then take a 'test'. I'm sorry, this is the stupiest class ever.


Ummmmmmm.......oopdates. Letsee...JE VEUX UN DATE DE HOMECOMING, BIATCHES!


Hm, hm....Sarah leaves tomorrow for choir retreat! She's gonna have muchos fun. Auditions were yesterday! I hope I did okay, I think I did. Shan and Palmer auditioned too, I hope they did awesome!! woot woot.

Muchos tired. More later.

Amanda [userpic]

What's A Fucking Sigma Got To Do With Anything?

September 6th, 2005 (03:51 pm)

current mood: cranky
current song: "Ghost of You"--My Chemical Romance

The video for this song is way way weird. But...I LIKE IT. It's all WWII and whatnot. Highly yay! A+


Sorry. Stupid French. We were talking about those today and I don't know why. So technically right now I should be at the drama club meeting...but I'm not. Cause I didn't want to go today. I went home early. I fell asleep on the bus! When I woke up that random kid that we stuck a note in his backpack was staring at me funny. It was weird. Stupid random kid.

What else...oh yeah. Young Rebublicans & Democrats club is like, the dumbest thing ever. It's way lame. But I'm going to keep going... CAS, CAS, CAS I say! But yeah, WAY waste of time.

Blarney. Oh well...I think I have news...no...wait...Jorge has a date! To homecoming! YAY! Bout time that Mormon got someone. Sheesh. OH YEAH! I got my homecoming dress yesterday. It rocks seriously. Katie's looks SOOO SOOO SOOO good on her too. Tres chic. Go Katie! Work yesterday sucked, though, the stupid new girl...is...stupid. Basically. GAH. I'm new, but I learned fairly quickly, I like it think.

OMG! The hottest guy EVER came in and applied yesterday. ::faint:: My manager was seriously like "I have trouble talking to him, he's so pretty..." It was hilarious. I HOPE SHE HIRES HIM. Hawt. It was the highlight of the day, really. Because we were uber busy for the rest of the day...so nothing fun happened until Katie came! wooters.

I should go do homework now. Later ppppppeeeooooppplllleeeessss

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